Allies in Internal Medicine

Bringing Insight Onsite

Allies in
Internal Medicine

Bringing Insight Onsite

Mobile Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialists

Mobile Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialists

Serving the Greater Vancouver region of BC, Canada

New Service: Vet-To-Vet Consultations Available

Tatjana K. Mirkovic, BSc, DVM, DACVIM

Everyone Needs an Ally

Provide your patients with an internal medicine consultation and diagnostic services, by a board-certified veterinary internist, all in the environment where they are most comfortable – your veterinary clinic.

Bringing Insite Onsite

Convenient and responsive, Allies in Internal Medicine is the only mobile internal medicine practice offering onsite consultation and core internal medicine diagnostic procedures in the greater Vancouver region. Our goal is to provide you with the advanced services your patients need in the familiar surroundings of your practice.
Allies in Internal Medicine Mobile Veterinary Practice
Allies in Internal Medicine Vet to Vet Teleconsultations

Vet-To-Vet Teleconsultations

Board-certified veterinary internist Tatjana K. Mirkovic, BSc, DVM, DACVIM, can provide teleconsultations to veterinarians through Fidu. An online platform designed by veterinarians to facilitate access to specialists, whereby veterinarians can gain insight and advice from a specialist for treating patients they want to continue to care for themselves, or for clients unwilling or unable to take their pet to see a specialist themselves.

Why Partner with Allies in Internal Medicine (AIM)

As a veterinary internal medicine on-site consultant, we aim to serve as an extension of your practice and help you further assess patients with chronic, complicated, or complex diseases not in need of emergency or critical care treatment. Your practice remains the familiar place your clients and patients know they can access the care they need. It’s like having an ally on your team. We partner with you, the family veterinarian and your staff to optimize care of your patients and expand the specialized services you can offer them onsite.

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