Mobile Veterinary Internal Medicine Services

Bringing Insight Onsite: Allies in Internal Medicine is the only specialty practice in the greater Vancouver area offering mobile onsite and virtual internal medicine consultations and core diagnostic procedures.

Convenient and Responsive

Allies in Internal Medicine is the only mobile practice in the region providing endoscopy services by a board-certified veterinary specialist.

When other advanced medical imaging services such as abdominal ultrasounds, echocardiograms, and CT scans are needed, tests are coordinated with other local board-certified radiologists and cardiologists.

Mobile internal medicine case management and diagnostic services offered include:

For Pet Owners:

Pet owners interested in a consultation with Dr. Mirkovic should contact their primary care veterinarian to discuss a referral. We do not schedule appointments directly with pet owners and will not discuss a pet’s condition with owners before their veterinarian arranges the initial consultation.

Allies in Internal Medicine Veterinary Teleconsult Services

Teleconsultation Services

Veterinarian-to-veterinarian teleconsultations through Fidu.
A veterinary practice or veterinarian can:

Why Partner with Allies in Internal Medicine?

As a mobile consultant in the specialty of veterinary internal medicine, we aim to serve as an extension of your practice and help you further assess patients with chronic, complicated, or complex diseases but who are not in need of emergency or critical care. When you partner with us, you can expect: 

Allies in Internal Medicine Veterinary Partnership
Allies in Internal Medicine Difference

How is Partnering with Allies in Internal Medicine Different from Referring out to a Specialty Hospital?

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our advanced endoscopic equipment includes:

Allies in Internal Medicine Mobile Veterinary Equipment

How Onsite Consultations Work

For initial case consultations, Dr. Mirkovic comes to your practice to meet directly with your client and patient. The initial consultation includes a 1-hour comprehensive review of the patient’s medical history, current problems, recently performed diagnostics, complete physical examination. Dr. Mirkovic will explain her assessment, further recommendations for testing and treatment options and prognosis if known directly to the pet owner and to the referring veterinarian. Further diagnostics such as blood tests, radiographs, endoscopic procedures can then be undertaken in the comfort of your hospital. A written report will be provided to the referring veterinarian and the pet owner. Referrals for advanced imaging (ultrasound, echocardiogram, CT imaging) are coordinated with local mobile board-certified radiologists or at local specialty hospitals.

How Onsite Diagnostic Procedures Work

Please be aware that patient care will remain with your practice after consultation and completion of any diagnostic procedures that may be undertaken as part of AIM’s visit to your clinic. Ongoing patient care is the responsibility of the primary veterinarian.

Allies in Internal Medicine requires a registered veterinary technician or licensed veterinarian to monitor general anesthesia throughout any procedures. A veterinary assistant is required to assist with technical aspects of any procedure. Please make arrangements for appropriate staff support for any specialty procedures that are to be performed in-house at your clinic. The referring veterinarian, or a colleague assuming case responsibility, should be in-clinic at all times during a procedure, and to see the patient through to time of discharge from clinic.

Veterinarians are responsible perform pre-anesthetic exams on all patients for which they have scheduled us to perform an endoscopic procedure on (if we have not previously consulted directly with the client).

Our anesthetic consent form and procedure consent for must be reviewed with your client and signed before any mobile procedures are performed. This is the responsibility of the referring veterinarian. We may be unable to proceed with scheduled procedures if this is not completed.

Download relevant consent forms here:

Please note that abdominal ultrasound is often an important part of the assessment of animals with internal medicine problems. It is ideal for your clinic to coordinate for your patient to have an ultrasound performed by a board-certified veterinary radiologist either before or after the consultation.

How to Prepare Your Client and Patients for Their Appointment

Ensure your team has obtained informed consent from your clients before any diagnostic procedures are undertaken by downloading our relevant client consent forms, ensuring your clients initial and sign the relevant form and providing us with a physical or digital copy of the signed consent form.

Payment and Cost Services

Allies in Internal Medicine invoices veterinarians directly for services. We do not accept payment directly from pet owners or third parties for services provided in-clinic.

Clients who need consultation with us about their pet outside of scheduled in-clinic appointments may schedule an available time during our office hours for a telemedicine consult by video or telephone by clicking this link. Payment for professional time associated with teleconsultation is collected at the time of booking.