Swallowed tennis ball being retracted with large basket retrieval device through a dog’s esophagus

Two inch diameter tennis ball successfully removed from dog’s stomach by means of endoscopy

Mobile video endoscopy unit

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COVID19 Update: Due to COVID-19, referrals for New IM consultations are not currently being routinely accepted. Please phone before submitting a referral to see if your case can be safely accommodated as an exception.

We ARE still available for mobile endoscopy services & on-site rechecks of existing patients.

Vet-to-Vet Teleconsultation Services with Dr. Mirkovic Now Available via Fidu

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Thank you for your interest in Allies in Internal Medicine services. To best assist you and your patients, please consider the following types of cases most suitable for mobile intervention:

  • Chronic gastroenterology cases – chronic vomiting and diarrhea, and/or weight loss of unknown origin.
  • Chronic liver disease management
  • Chronic nasal disease/upper respiratory disease or chronic lower respiratory disease
  • Chronic renal disease/urinary tract disease management
  • Endocrinology – difficult to diagnose or difficult to treat Cushing’s disease, Addison’s disease, or diabetes mellitus. PU/PD of unknown cause or hypercalcemia work-up
  • Endoscopy – cases requiring endoscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy or cystoscopy. Internal medicine specialists spend considerable time during their residencies training to perform these special procedures safely, carry out proper case selection, recognize disease processes, and provide advice on therapeutic management of the pathology found.
  • Fever of unknown origin – select cases
  • Hematology/Immunology – chronic non-regenerative anemia, IMHA or ITP cases that are stable but difficult to manage
  • Infectious diseases
  • Shifting leg lameness/polyarthritis

Types of cases not suitable for Mobile IM Services:

  • Any patient that you know is in need of hospitalization, unless you are able to provide, and are comfortable providing, the level of care they need at your hospital
  • Any patient that you know needs blood products that you are unable to provide and supervise care for in your clinic
  • Dermatology cases, chronic non-healing wounds, or ear problems
  • Emergent or unstable cases – respiratory emergencies, acute CHF, acute or anuric renal failure, DKA, neurologic cases or neurologic emergencies
  • Evaluation for a portosystemic shunt – these should be referred to a facility offering medical imaging with a board certified veterinary radiologist
  • Unstable cardiology cases – should be referred to a veterinary cardiologist

Please inform your clients that the option to visit a multi-specialty referral hospital for assessment is ideal for evaluation and treatment of certain disease states.

New Service: Vet-to-Vet Teleconsultation with Dr. Mirkovic
Now Available via Fidu

Meet our Specialists Dr. TM Fidu Graphic
  • Give your clients next level care yourself in the comfort of your practice through vet-to-vet teleconsultation.
  • Specialist input on difficult cases
  • Schedule a written, phone, or video consult with your specialist
  • Receive a written report to share with your client and include in the patient record
  • Maintain continuity of care in your practice where appropriate/desired

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